Lines School currently has 450 students enrolled from Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. Our goal is to create an inclusive playground concept with equipment designed to meet all ages and abilities of Lines students.

We believe the best way to meet these needs is to include an area of equipment geared toward primary grade students and then a more general area with equipment for all ages:

  • Divide existing play space into a smaller primary grade playground and a larger general playground
    • Separate spaces will aid in playground management
  • Primary playground – focus on equipment with lower fall heights that encourages upper body strength development, balance, sensory play at ground level, group play and individual play
  • General playground – include larger climbing structures that encourage strength development, socializing, balance development and general play with peers. This playground will also include ground-level sensory activities to promote inclusion among all students

And don’t worry – the swings are staying!! We know so many kids love the swings and the PTO is currently planning to freshen up that space as part of the vision for the playground.

A future vision of Lines Playground!