About Us

We are the Arnett C. Lines Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization! We are the parents, teachers and staff who love our Lines students and work hard to make the most of their elementary school years. The Lines community celebrates and encourages learning, respect, leadership and of course, play!

Our Story

Just over 20 years ago, the Lines PTO fundraised for and installed a new playground at Lines Elementary. The playground was expected to last for 15 years. After 20 years of thousands of children loving the playground, it is time to reimagine a new play space for our children!


We are excited to announce a new playground will be coming in the Summer of 2020. Thanks to the generous support of the Barrington 220 School District and our Lines Community, we hope to build a new space that meets the needs of all of our Lines students.

Be a Part of Our Future!

Elementary school-aged children learn and process through playing. Leave a legacy of play for current and future Lines students by joining our fundraising initiatives. Learn more about how you can participate by clicking here.